Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Shift in Thinking, A Shift in Believing

Since my October 3rd post titled "Challenging Students to Think for Themselves," there has been a shift in my students' thinking. Making every effort to not answer any question a student asks me that he/she can answer his/herself, the students have been redirected a countless number of times since my post about this movement in my class. Some students have even come to the point where they start to ask me a question, but stop and answer their own question. Actually, it is more than answering their own question. It is that they are "THINKING," therefore they don't have a question to ask. This change is because they are starting to realize that if they give themselves a little time to think about what ever it is they are questioning, that they can actually figure it out on their own. As per many of my encouraging comments about the students believing in themselves, giving themselves a chance or even giving themselves credit, the students are now appearing to have a shift in believing. Believing in themselves and their own ability.